heated Storage:

Assigned parking spaces 10 to 12 feet wide
Up to 20’                                 $45.00/month
21’ – 25’                                  $55.00/month
26’ – 30’                                  $65.00/month
31’ – 35’                                  $80.00/month
36’ – 40’                                  $90.00/month
41' - 45'                                  $100.00/month
46' - 75'                                  $200.00/month

Your Vehicle stored outside is available 24/7 365 days a year.

  • Vehicles stored indoors are available during business hours.  Call 24hrs  ahead  and we can pull your vehicle  outside where you can pickup based on your schedule.

  • Vehicles stored indoors can be dropped off inside the gate after hours and will be put away the following business day.

  • All customers will have a gate code to access the property.

  • Jump starts and air are available during business hours.

Any type vehicle                     $5.50/month/foot     
Motorcycle                              $30.00/month

Outdoor Storage:

Cold Storage:

Any type vehicle*                   $10.00/month/foot
            *our smallest overhead doors are

             14’ tall by 12’ wide

Chain O Lakes RV